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Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Mattress Journal


10 Celebrities Who Love to Sleep

When thinking of lifestyles of the rich and famous celebrities, usually what comes to might is glamorous parties, jet-setting travel, and anything but sleep. And while many celebs are known for getting by on little rest, others express their love of shut-eye and make it a point to get a healthy amount into their schedules. Emulating these stars’ healthy habits can help improve the way you look and feel, make your mind sharper, and help stave off illness, all potential side effects of insufficient sleep.

Celebrities That Love Sleep

Most people recognize the value of a full night’s rest, and are aware of how it impacts their moods and ability to function during the day. Sleep deprivation can also have less noticeable side effects like weight gain and hormonal changes. Based on a recent study, sleep deprivation can also make people appear sadder and older than when they are well rested. For celebrities who often face significant scrutiny about their appearances, this can be reason enough to get beauty sleep. Others strive to maintain peak physical condition and mental concentration for taxing performances, or simply just enjoy sleeping in. See which celebrities understand the importance of rest in their daily lives, and learn tips that you can implement for better sleep.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This famous actress and author thrives on healthy meals, takes vitamins, and drinks water throughout the day.  An article on People magazine mentions that during an appearance on Ask Dr. Brandt on Sirius XM Radio Paltrow said, “For me, sleep is a major thing. I don’t always get it, and when I don’t, I look like I’ve been hit by a truck.”

Jennifer Lopez

This famous songstress and mother of twins knows the important role sleep plays for taking care of herself and her children. She told ET that she makes sure to schedule enough time for sleep into a busy day. “I make time to sleep. I think it’s very, very important,” Lopez says.

Matthew McConaughy

Rest isn’t just important to the ladies, McConaughy recognizes that he doesn’t feel as good on days that he receives less than 8 1/2 hours of solid sleep. According to People, he said, “I’m not near as good the next day if I get less.”

Jennifer Lawrence

This up and coming actress doesn’t sugar coat much, and also knows how important sleep is to her looks. In the  People article, though she prefers 8 hours, she says, “Any less than six and I have to cover the mirrors in my house.” She also revealed to W Magazine, somewhat jokingly, “I don’t wake up for it!” Lawrence exclaimed. “God, I hardly ever wake up before 11. I’m an artist! I need at least 18 hours a night, with catnaps.”

Lauren Conrad

Conrad knows sleeping for 7-9 hours a night can make her look better, and encourages her blog readers to get their required beauty sleep and use their snooze button. On her blog, she writes, “There’s a reason that they call it ‘beauty sleep’. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night can actually improve your appearance.”

Jon Hamm

The Mad Men actor really loves sleep! According to People, he professes to preferring 12 hours of sleep a day, but has a unique approach. He says, “I like a solid 12-but not all at once. I tend to go 4 on and 4 off.”

Cameron Diaz

Diaz continues to look great and that could be because she takes such a strategic approach to sleep and fitness. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she equates sleep with breathing, exercise and eating. Diaz says of her sleep and fitness routine, “I’m consistent, and when I’m not consistent, it shows up on my body.”

Christina Aguilera

The famous songstress and host of the Voice says sleep is one of the most powerful tools in her beauty arsenal. In an article on People, Aguilera’s refreshing take is that “People spend money on beauty potions, but a good night’s rest makes all the difference.”

Amanda Seyfried

This young actress always looks bright-eyed and well-rested, and it’s no wonder! She said she gets 10 hours a night according to People. Seyfried admits, “I get more sleep than the average human being.”

Heidi Klum

Scheduling sleep around her children’s bedtimes helps keep Klum fully charged, according to People. By retiring when her kids do, she clocks in up to 10 hours of sleep per night. She has also publishes a column on offering several great articles on sleep tips indication how seriously she takes the subject.

Habits to Adopt for Better Sleep

It can be difficult to schedule up 10-12 hours of sleep into your day, like celebrities who love to sleep, but most people function best and look best with 7-9 hours per night. Work and life often interfere, and slapping the snooze isn’t always an option. Try some of our following ideas for quality sleep so you can feel and look like a rockstar (or a well-rested diva).

  • These celebrities know how important it is to schedule enough time for sleep. Although there are a few people who don’t require 7-9 hours, they are the exception. A recent study showed that when people were required to spend 10 hours in bed that they slept an average of 8 ½ hours. When they were reduced to 6 hours in bed, they adjusted and only slept slightly less than their allotted time, creating a sleep deficit. So, if you work best on eight hours of sleep, plan on alotting yourself 8-½ to 9 hours.

  • Likewise, don’t get overcome with anxiety or frustration if you don’t fall asleep right away within your scheduled time. Clear your mind, and if that doesn’t work get out of bed a read for a bit until you feel tired again. The next night, simply retire a little earlier.

  • Similar tests have shown that women typically require approximately 20 minutes more sleep than men. Sleep deprivation has more extensive effects on women’s health from increased inflammation to blood clotting and moodiness. If you and your sleep partner have different schedules or needs, plan a way to sleep so that you both feel well-rested (for example, take Jon Hamm’s tip and sleep in 4 hour segments).

  • Exercise was also mentioned by many of the celebrities as being vital to their overall health and well-being. Studies have indicated that after 4 months of daily exercise, people typically added 45 minutes of sleep per night, which is equivalent to what most people add through the use of sleeping aids. Getting a good workout during the day can make you more ready to sleep at night, in addition to improving overall health.

  • Nutrition is also important for sleep, and knowing when to eat and what to avoid before bedtime can greatly influence the quality of rest that you receive. Small snacks before bed can help induce drowsiness without overworking the digestion system like a large late supper would. suggests non-fat popcorn, garbanzo beans, kale chips, chamomile tea, honey, or tryptophan-rich foods like halibut,turkey and cheese. However, things to avoid well before bed include caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and fatty or indigestion-inducing foods.

  • Creating a bedroom atmosphere that is conducive to sleep is also important, like one of Klum’s AOL articles suggests. A big part of sleep is comfort. If your mattress is more than 7-8 years old it may no longer provide the support you need to sleep like a celebrity. Use comfortable, skin-friendly bedding combined with a healthy and supportive mattress. In the bedroom, use sleep friendly colors, make sure temperatures are comfortably cool, and avoid stress-causing clutter and sleep-stealing electronics.

Feeling great and looking good is important for many people, not just celebs. Rest plays a vital role in the bodies’ repair systems, helping to refresh your brain and keep you sharp, repair muscles and skin, and keep hormone systems balanced. Rather than reaching for another double-shot latte or blowing big bucks on skin creams, prescribe yourself some much-needed rest and start sleeping like a real celebrity!

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