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Brands & Reviews A Look at Serta iComfort Reviews

Published on September 26th, 2013 | by Mattress Journal


A Look at Serta iComfort Reviews

Seeing what real owners have to say in Serta iComfort reviews can be one of the best ways to get an unbiased perspective when shopping and comparing brands.  Gel memory foam is becoming a fairly popular trend in bedding, and the iComfort line is one of the more prominent name brands available. However, since it is fairly new compared to other mattresses, many consumers are curious as to how it will compare in terms of comfort, value and durability. To answer some of these questions, we took a look at around 400 Serta iComfort reviews. Keep reading to see what owners of these mattresses have to say, and how iComfort reviews compare to other leading memory foam lines.

What is Serta iComfort?

Serta iComfort is one of several mattress collections that the Serta company offers, composed of all memory foam mattresses (as opposed to spring or hybrids). Serta differentiates the iComfort by using gel-infused foam, which they claim helps sleepers feel cooler. The options are priced in the mid- to luxury price range, and they are sold online from Serta directly and at many mattress retailers. Each mattress features a 6-8″ foam core, with 2″ to 6″ of gel and/or regular memory foam. iComfort mattresses use foam with

Pros & Cons from Serta iComfort Reviews

When researching Serta iComfort reviews, we looked for both positive and negative trends to develop a full picture of the product. The analysis focused on mentions of comfort, pain relief, heat, odor, sagging, firmness predictability, and service. We drew reviews from Serta’s website and other established online consumer review websites.

Comfort & Pain Relief

 Comfort and pain relief appear to be fairly good for the iComfort mattresses, with about one-third of reviewers mentioning less pain. Serta iComfort reviews on their website score between 3.8 and 4.5 stars out of 5 for comfort as well, with higher end models receiving higher scores. However, a little over 12% of reviewers reported that they had more pain with an iComfort mattress.


Offgassing refers to the chemical odor that can accompany a brand-new memory foam mattress (and many other household products), due to VOCs used in manufacturing. They are largely considered to be harmless, but a small percentage of people report significant irritation. Usually odors dissipate within 1-3 weeks after unpackaging. Serta iComfort reviews have a lower than average rate of complaints for off-gassing, with about 5% of owners mentioning odor.

The company states that the odor smell is mild and rather temporary on the website when it responds to customers who complain about the off gassing. However the majority of customers who do complain about off gassing do not say that it is just mild; in fact they say it is very strong and not temporary at all, but rather persistent.

Heat Retention

Heat retention can be a big concern with memory foam mattresses, one which Serta claims the iComfort gel memory foam helps minimize. Dense memory foams and those that are temperature sensitive tend to retain the most heat. Serta uses medium density foams, with temperature sensitive properties and gel beads. The gel foams are usually in the upper layers, but not on all models. Overall, about 6% of Serta iComfort reviews mention heat retention or excessive sweating.

Sagging & Durability

 Serta iComfort reviews have a fairly good warranty. The term lasts 25 years with 10-15 years of full coverage and impressions covered at 3/4″.  However, even though the iComfort line has only been out for 3 years, a significant proportion of Serta iComfort reviews complain about sagging, impressions, or excessive softening. About 9% of all reviews mentioned this issue, and for many it was not deep enough to be covered by warranties but was noticeable enough to cause discomfort.

Firmness Predictability

One particular issue mentioned by about 7% of reviewers involves Serta iComfort mattresses feeling significantly softer or firmer than expected. Usually reviewers were comparing showroom models to the beds they actually received. Memory foam softens slightly with use, especially lower density foams, so some of this is to be expected but several people reported significant differences affecting comfort. A few also mentioned inconsistent or lumpy consistencies across the surface of the mattress as well, and about 3% also mentioned issues with the mattress dimensions being slightly smaller than expected.

Service & Overall Satisfaction

Serta mattresses can be purchased from the company’s website directly or from third-party dealers. Reviews mentioning Serta’s service are usually positive or neutral, however a number of people with warranty issues have difficulties settling claims. Those who purchased from retailers that only allow exchanges rather than returns have also expressed frustration. Overall the six models of iComfort mattresses have satisfaction ratings between 3.8 and 4.3 out of 5 (4.1 total average), and about 81% of owners would recommend the brand.

Serta iComfort Reviews vs Other Memory Foam

Because numbers by themselves can mean little, comparing Serta iComfort reviews and performance with other types of memory foam can help highlight strengths and weaknesses. The primary difference between Serta iComfort and regular memory foam is the inclusion of gel. Serta utilizes “gel-infused” Cool Action foam, which has particles/beads of gel mixed within the foam structure. They claim that this allows it to sleep cooler and provide better support than other materials. There also a another newer generation memory foam referred to as plant-based which replaces a portion of the petroleum-based ingredients with soy, castor oil or other plant materials.  The key ways in which  memory foam is compared include density, durability, responsiveness, warranties, price, and owner reports of heat, odor, and service.

The chart below compares Serta iComfort reviews to reviews of Tempurpedic, the leading traditional brand, and Amerisleep, a leading plant-based memory foam brand. Reviews were collected from the brands’ websites and third party review sites, with about 450 samples for Tempurpedic and 435 for Amerisleep.

  Serta iComfort Tempurpedic Amerisleep All Memory Foam
Type Gel Traditional Plant-Based
Density 3.0-5.0 lb 2.5-7.0 lb 4.5-5.3 lb 2.5-8.0
Responsiveness Medium Slow Quick Slow-Quick
Warranty 25 yrs ltd 25 yrs ltd 20 yrs ltd 10-20 yrs
Price, Queen $1074-2774 $1099-7499 $849-1899 $300-8000
Heat Complaints 6% 12% 2% 10%
Odor Complaints 5% 18% 3% 15%
Durability Complaints 9% 11% 1% 10%
Consumer Rating 4.1 / 5 3.8 / 5 4.5 / 5 4.0 / 5

Compared to memory foam in general, Serta iComfort reviews are significantly less likely to complain of heat and odor, and overall satisfaction and durability proves about average. Compared to traditional Tempurpedic beds, iComfort is slightly less expensive, has fewer complaints of odor and heat, and rates a few points better for overall satisfaction. Compared to plant-based Amerisleep memory foam, iComfort is slightly higher on heat and odor complaints, and has significantly more durability complaints. Amerisleep beds are slightly less expensive than iComfort, and rate a few points higher in overall satisfaction.

When researching memory foam mattresses, reviews are of the utmost importance since quality and characteristics can vary significantly. The Serta iComfort line receives reviews slightly above average for memory foam, meaning it will likely be more satisfactory than many brands, but not necessarily right for everyone.  If you are considering this type mattress, research the Serta iComfort reviews for the factors that are most important to your personal comfort, and compare specifications for multiple brands to find the best value.

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