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Mattress News The Facts about Buying a Mattress Online

Published on February 2nd, 2013 | by Mattress Journal


The Facts about Buying a Mattress Online

When it comes to buying a mattress online many people have some reservations. It is still an unfamiliar territory for a number of shoppers, but many of the issues that are associated with online shopping can be laid to rest with a little research.  The truth is online mattress shopping is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to purchase a bed. Still, people are hesitant because they are misinformed or simply do not know enough about online mattress shopping to feel confident in buying that way.  Here we will dissect some of the top reasons that people are cautious about buying a mattress online and why people shouldn’t worry about these perceived problems.

Objections to Buying a Mattress Online

Hard to Predict Comfort

Many consumers assume that it is impossible to predict comfort when they are unable to test the bed in a showroom. In an article on mattress satisfaction from, a large number of shoppers reported greater satisfaction with beds purchased online compared with those who purchased in a store.’s article about buying a mattress online vs in stores also identified a study from RTI International that indicated testing a mattress in a showroom was not an accurate account of how comfortable the bed was for sleeping. Instead, people often find that trying out a bed in their home is the only way to really know if the mattress works for them. Besides, uncomfortably lying on a bed for a few minutes in a showroom is nothing compared to sleeping on it for an entire night.

Return Hassle

When purchasing a mattress online, one may think that the return policy would be a huge hassle. As a matter of fact, there are a number of online retailers that incorporate a great return policy because they understand that the consumer is unable to try out the mattress before purchase. One example is who has a customer satisfaction rate of 97%. They offer a 90 day trial and free return shipping as part of their promotional package to further ensure buyers that they will be happy with the results.  When purchasing a mattress at a local retailer you may have only a few days or weeks to return and must battle it out over return fees, stocking fees, and even pick-up fees. When purchasing a bed online you almost always have a more favorable return policy.

Old Mattress Removal

Typically, website retailers do not offer mattress removal when the new bed is delivered. However, there are a number of programs such as or local recycling centers that will remove your mattress for you. As a side note, you should always be sure you are ready to part with your old mattress regardless of whether you purchase online or in a showroom. If you end up wanting to return the new mattress, you’ll still need something to sleep on until you find a different one.

No Salesperson

While some people may feel overwhelmed by sales pressure in a showroom, some people actually prefer a sales person to be there to answer questions. Consumers may assume that online shopping will not offer the help that they need. However, websites concerned with customer service usually offer representatives that are available through online chat and phone when needed for specific questions. They can help you choose the mattress based on height, weight, age, and sleeping position in a pressure-free setting.

No Price Negotiations

Some buyers may feel like they are missing out on negotiating a lower price if they buy online. The truth is, online prices can be up to 70% cheaper than retail locations, not to mention the tax exemption when purchasing online out of state. Many websites will still offer some negotiation for those that like to haggle, but for those that don’t, websites tend to offer good pricing to attract shoppers and may have coupons and other deals. Others like latex mattress store and retailers like 1800mattress advertise price matching, giving piece of mind to shoppers concerned with getting the best deal. You can’t get much better than that.

Buying a Mattress Online = Less Stress, Better Value

Though online retail continues growing, some people are still not completely comfortable buying a mattress online. The main thing to remember is that some of the problems that shoppers think may come with shopping online are simply not true. Buyers who opt to purchase online simply have to conduct proper research to ensure that the bed type that they choose is right for them.  This will eliminate a number of insecurities that buyers have about going online for their bed. Consumers that are considering buying a mattress online should thoroughly research their options in order to feel as confident as possible in the purchase that they make.  (P.S. – Another great post worth checking out from examines the top myths about buying a mattress online.)

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